About me

img_0031Hello, welcome to my site! My name is Francesco. I have always been a curious and active person. Since I was a child I’ve always been intrigued by the many differences that exist between every human being and I kept myself wondering why some people were more “fortunate” than others and why they were able to easily find their way to success in almost every aspect of their lives.

Like almost everyone coming from my background, I thought that every situation, every event, every single aspect of my life, good or otherwise, was the result of pure chance. Obviously, I was wrong. There is no such a thing as chance in Life. During the last twenty-five years I’ve been trying almost everything to unlock the “secret” formula that could lead me to achieve any constructive goal in my Life. As I finished school, I found myself in the new role of job seeker and it wasn’t that easy. Nevertheless, jumping from one job to a new one became a habit, sometimes a necessity. One day, back in 2001, I was working in a highly polluted steel mill, a friend of mine whom I didn’t talk to for a long time, called me.

That friend used to live in London, England. London has always represented a goal for me and since my childhood attracted me like a magnet. I definitely knew that one day I’d end up there. That call has been a turning point, as a few days later I was boarding on a plane taking me there. It was as I expected, maybe even more fascinating. In that big melting pot I met many likeminded people, read many books that helped me become aware of the fact that God has provided everyone of us with the power to mold every angle of our lives into anything we desire.

The purpose of this website is to give you insights and inspiration.